Run a JSS for React Native app in connected mode

Current version: 20.x

The JSS connected mode lets you retrieve all layout/route data and assets from a publicly available Sitecore instance.


Before running your React Native application in the connected mode, you must connect your application to a Sitecore instance.

In the sample application, you can inspect the implementation in the /src/dataService/dataService.connected.js file. The getRouteData function invokes the Sitecore Headless Services Layout Service to retrieve data from a Sitecore instance.


We recommend you consult the documentation for the connected application mode for more information.

To run your JSS React Native application, run one of the following scripts in a terminal, depending on your target operating system:

  • For Android:

    jss start-android:connected
  • For iOS:

    jss start-ios:connected

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