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Prepare an xConnect to Salesforce synchronization


How to prepare for synchronizing xConnect data to Salesforce

If you synchronize from xConnect to Salesforce CRM, the synchronization might fail the first time you run it, because contacts in xConnect have not yet been assigned a Salesforce Contact ID. To avoid this error, you must enable the Do Not Fail If Unable To Read Source Value setting before synchronizing.

To enable the Do Not Fail setting:

  1. On the Sitecore Launchpad, open the Content Editor.

  2. Navigate to the /sitecore/system/Data Exchange/<tenant>/Value Mapping Sets/xConnect Contact to Salesforce Contact Mappings/Contact Model to Salesforce Contact/Salesforce Contact Id node.

  3. In the Rules section, select Do Not Fail If Unable To Read Source Value:

    The Rules section in a Salesforce contact mapping dialog