Export a tenant

Current version: 1.9

Packaging tenants with the SXA Tenant Exporter is the easiest way to move tenants between environments. With the Tenant Exporter, you can quickly create a package that contains:

  • The tenant content – /sitecore/content/Group/Tenant

  • The tenant templates – /sitecore/templates/Project/Group/Tenant

  • The tenant themes – /sitecore/media library/Themes/Group/Tenant

  • The tenant media library items – /sitecore/media library/Project/Group/Tenant

To export a tenant:

  1. In the Content Editor, right-click the tenant item, click Scripts, and click Quick Download Tenant as Package.

  2. In the Download Tenant as package dialog box, enter the metadata and click OK.

  3. When the export has finished, click Download.

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