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The View modes


Switch view modes

SXA comes with different view modes to help you set up your site quickly. A site can be put together using wireframe mode, while in the meantime the site theme is sent to a creative agency using Creative Exchange. 

When you open a site  that has no site theme selected in Experience Editor, the Wireframe mode is automatically selected. On the ribbon, on the Experience Accelerator tab, click View Mode to switch the mode. 


You can select the following view modes:

  • Wireframe - Wireframe theme is selected. Creative Exchange shows a warning during export.

  • Grayscale - The Site theme is selected and the styling is changed to remove all colors from styles and images. Creative Exchange shows a warning during export.

  • Selected Theme - Site theme is selected.


For some devices the view mode does not apply. For these devices you can switch the view mode off.

To disable the view mode:

  • Open the Sitecore.XA.Foundation.Theming.config file, navigate to the <devicesWithoutViewMode> section, and add the GUID of the device item in Sitecore. For example, for JSON:

       <!-- List of the devices for which View Mode dropdown will be disabled -->
         <deviceID desc="JSON">{0B4A31C9-712D-4578-A396-2DDC0F34B63A}</deviceID>