xDB Cloud

Sitecore xDB Cloud edition collects online and offline customer interactions from all channel sources in a real-time big data repository. By connecting interaction data to create a comprehensive, unified view of each individual customer, it enables marketers to manage the customer experience in real time.


The Sitecore xDB Cloud documentation is divided into three sections and provides an overview of how to run xDB in the Cloud, outlines your configuration options for xDB Cloud, and provides a REST API reference so you can customize xDB Cloud for a more bespoke solution.


In this section of the xDB Cloud documentation you can find a summary of the Sitecore Cloud deployment options, including: learning how to set up your xDB Cloud 2.0 connection; configuring your firewall settings so you can securely connect Sitecore xDB Cloud with its relevant endpoints; connecting to xDB Cloud 2.0 from Sitecore Azure the way you want to with open tenancy for Azure, increased privacy, and 24/7 support; as well as troubleshooting problems and finding answers to frequently asked questions about xDB Cloud.


Learn how to customize your Sitecore xDB Cloud experience with this REST API reference.