Dynamic Bundle and Free Gift Selection FAQ

Current version: 10.0

The following sections list Frequently Asked Questions related to Commerce renderings.

Dynamic Bundle

The following table contains frequently-asked questions about the dynamic product bundle.



Can a dynamic product bundle contain only optional products?

Yes. The customer, however, will not be able to add the product bundle to the cart until at least one product has been selected.

If one of the products contained in a dynamic product bundle is out of stock, is the product bundle still available for purchase?

In this case, the product bundle is only available for purchase if the out-of-stock product is optional or upgradeable to another product that is in stock.

Free Gift Selection

The following table contains frequently-asked questions about the Free Gift Selection rendering.



If a customer removes a free gift from the cart that is associated with a free gift promotion, are both the product and the free gift removed from the cart?

No, only the free gift is removed. If the customer removes a product that has an associated free gift, both the product and the free gift are removed from the cart.

If a customer qualifies for a free gift, makes the free gift selection but does not finalize the purchase before the promotion expires, what happens?

If the customer's selections no longer qualify for a free gift, the free gift items are removed from the cart when the page is refreshed or an error is displayed.

Is it possible to remove the Free Gift selection message when the Free Gift Selection rendering is used on the PDP?

Yes, but it requires an update to the Free Gift Selection Scriban template.

To change a free gift selection, what does the customer have to do?

After the customer removes the free gift from the cart, a new selection can be made.

If the free gift becomes out of stock and has been selected in the cart but the purchase has not been completed. what happens?

Because the cart is re-evaluated when the customer clicks Checkout, the free gift that is now out of stock is removed from the cart. The customer is, however, able to go back to the Shopping Cart page and make another selection for a free gift.

Can you use the Free Gift Selection rendering on the Product Detail Page?

Yes. This works well for scenarios where adding an individual product to the cart qualifies the customer for a free gift. However, with the current implementation, the customer is asked to make a free gift selection on all product detail pages irrespective of the product being displayed until the free gift has been selected. You can customize the Scriban template to alter this behavior so that the free gift selection is only rendered when a product is added to the cart.

Can the customer add a free gift that is back-ordered or pre-ordered?

No. While a back-orderable or pre-orderable product is listed in the free gift selection list indicating the stock status, it is not possible to select it.

If a free gift becomes out of stock, what happens?

A free gift that becomes out of stock is listed in the free gift selection list indicating the stock status but is unavailable and the customer is not able to select it.

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