Create a campaign group

Current version: 10.0

A campaign group is a higher-level campaign that contains multiple campaign activities. You can use campaign groups to group individual campaign activities that you run across different channels.

For example, a campaign group could encompass a collection of activities that promote a marketing event, such as a product launch, seasonal advertising, or a new customer initiative.

When you create a new campaign activity, it is a good idea to associate it with a campaign group. The campaign group functions as a tag to identify campaign activities that belong to the particular campaign group. This is especially useful for creating reports.

To create a campaign group:

  1. In the Marketing Control Panel, in the content tree, expand the Taxonomies node and click Campaign Group.

  2. On the Home tab, in the Insert group, click Campaign Group.

  3. In the Message dialog box, enter a name for the campaign group and click OK.

  4. To save the new campaign group, click Save.


    You must deploy the entire Campaign group node before you can apply a new campaign group to campaign activities.

  5. To deploy the campaign group, select the root Campaign group item and on the Taxonomy tab, click Deploy.

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