Current version: 10.0

Personalization is the method for displaying targeted, relevant content to your contacts based on their characteristics and behavior, such as location, gender, or previous visits. With personalization, you can ensure that the right content reaches the right contacts, for example, by showing, hiding, or adjusting content.

Among other things, you can use personalization to:

  • Show different content to contacts based on their geographic location.

  • Hide a registration form from contacts who have previously filled out the form.

  • Change the text in a website banner based on a contact's referring site.

To set up personalization, you use the Rule Set Editor to add rules and actions to a specific component in Sitecore. The Rule Set Editor uses these logic-based rules to determine whether a contact or a segment meets a condition and displays the relevant content accordingly.

To personalize content based on the pages a visitor navigates on your site, you can set up content profiling.

To learn more about personalization best practices and Sitecore's digital marketing resources, see the Sitecore Knowledge Center.

Optimizing personalization

If you perform content testing on your website, Sitecore creates personalization suggestions for you. You can review and apply the suggestions individually. When you apply personalization suggestions, Sitecore creates new personalization rules.

You can use the Active personalized experiences list to get an overview of all pages with personalized experiences on all sites.

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