Insert a link in a text field

Current version: 10.0

In Rich Text fields, you can create links to websites or email addresses by entering the URL or email address followed by a space or paragraph return. Sitecore automatically formats the text as a hyperlink.

This topic describes how to create the following types of links:

  • Internal links (links to Sitecore items), using the Insert Sitecore LinkInsert Sitecore Link icon functionality.

  • Links to bookmarks on the current page, using the Hyperlink ManagerInsert Hyperlink Manager icon.

  • Links to websites or email addresses from images, or from text strings that differ from the URL or email address, using the Hyperlink ManagerThe Hyperlink Manager icon.

  • Media items in the media library, using either the Sitecore Link functionality or the Hyperlink Manager.


When you use either the Insert Sitecore Link functionality or the Hyperlink Manager to create a link to a Sitecore item (such as a page or media item), the link refers to the item ID. This ensures that the link is maintained if you rename or move the item.

You can edit the link text in the Rich Text Editor.

To change an existing link, select the link text and follow the procedure to create a new link.

To remove a link, select the link in the text editor and click Remove LinkThe Remove Link icon. The link is removed and the text becomes normal text.

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