Customize the view in Horizon

Current version: 10.1

When you open Horizon from the launchpad, the home page of the current site opens in page editor mode in Pages. You can select another page in the content tree. Then you see different information for the same page when you navigate to Content or select another mode in Pages.

There are two toolbars that you can use to adjust the view.

The Horizon global toolbar appears at the top of the browser window:

The Horizon global toolbar.

Selections in the global toolbar apply to all screens in Horizon.

Below the global toolbar is the local toolbar, which contains options for the current view. For example, the page editor toolbar contains the device switcher and icons for the different modes that you can select in Pages:

The page editor toolbar.

This topic explains how to use the Horizon toolbars to customize the view.

Select a site or language

The name of the current site is displayed in the site selector, and the current language is displayed in the language selector.

To select a different site or language:

  • In the global toolbar, click the selector and select an option from the drop-down menu.

    The site selector.

Select Pages or Content

You can use Pages to work with items that have presentation and layout, and you can use Content to work with items without presentation.

To select the editor that you want to work in:

  • In the global toolbar, click Pages or Content.

Select a mode in Pages

You can switch mode in Pages by clicking one of the following icons:

Open a page or content item in the editor

To open a page or content item in the editor:

  • Click the item in the content tree in the left-hand panel.

    The page or content item opens in the content area in the middle of the screen.


If you know the item ID of the page or content item that you want to open, you can edit the URL in the address field of your browser to navigate to the item.

Make more room for the editor

You can make more room for the editor by collapsing the side panes.

To collapse or expand the right or left pane:

  • Click the corresponding Collapse/Expand icon The collapse or expand icon..

Switch the device view

Sitecore applies responsive design to the pages on your site, so pages adjust to the size of the device they are displayed on. The page editor can display the current page as it appears on different devices.

To view the current page with a different device layout:

  • Click the device switcher and then click the phone, tablet, or desktop icon:

    The device switcher.

Rotate the view

In phone or tablet view, you can switch between landscape and portrait mode.

To toggle between landscape and portrait mode:

  • Below the device switcher, click Rotate:

    The Rotate button in phone view.

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