Experience Profile FAQs


Commonly asked questions on using or configuring the Experience Profile

Commonly asked questions on using or configuring the Experience Profile, which enables you to monitor the key areas of customer experience and interaction, such as visits, campaigns, goals, profiles, automations, outcomes, and keywords.

Any event that a system administrator has configured to be triggered appears in the Latest events panel. To see which events have been configured to appear, in the Content Editor, navigate to /sitecore/system/Settings/Analytics/Page Events. Select an event and view the Customer Intelligence Options section. Before you use this application for the first time, you need to understand what is required for Experience Profile configuration.

By default, a maximum of 10 Latest events can be displayed on the Overview tab.

The Latest events group consists of the top 10 latest events, including the last contact visit plus another 9 distinct types of events. These can include any page event, external keywords, and paid search terms used. The default latest events are preconfigured in the Content Editor to appear on the Overview tab in the Latest events group.

By default, a maximum of 3 pattern matches and recent campaigns are displayed on the Overview tab.

You can use all the usually allowed image files types, such as JPEG, PNG, or GIF.

There is no recommended image size but try to keep icons small with a low resolution.

The only difference between events is the way in which they are configured in the Content Editor to be displayed in the Experience Profile dashboard.

In the Content Editor, you can configure events to appear in two different ways:

  • Track as Latest Event – The event is displayed in the Latest events group on the Overview tab.

  • Show in Events – The event is displayed in the list of events on the Activity - Visits tab.

Yes, view the Visit Detail report to see details of the session trail. This includes number of visits, pages viewed, search terms used, goals converted, and engagement value generated.

Only campaigns triggered on a landing page (the first page visited) appear in Recent campaigns. It is possible that some campaigns for a contact were triggered during the visit and not on the landing page. If you want a campaign triggered during a visit to appear in the Experience Profile, you can use the Content Editor to configure campaigns events. In the Content Editor, select the campaign event you want to show and in the Customer Intelligence Options section, select the Show in Events check box or Track as Latest Event check box.

No, the Experience Profile does not display any specific device information for a contact yet.

No, you can only search for a contact by name or by email address.

It is not just goals that generate engagement value points. As well as triggering goals, it is also possible for a contact to trigger other events that have engagement value points assigned to them during a visit.

No, it is not possible to see the referred site for this channel.

The red bar at the top of the timeline for a contact in Experience Profile shows which stage the contact has reached in the lead management funnel. At each point in the timeline when an outcome from the Lead Management Funnel outcome group is triggered, the name of the outcome appears in red text, and the bar becomes a darker shade of red.