Create a segmented list of customers who purchased a specific product

Current version: 10.2

You can use the List Manager to identify contacts who have made a specific purchase. To do this, you need the product id. To find the product id, in the Content Editor, go to sitecore/Content/<tenant>/<site>/Home/Catalogs and navigate to the product in question. The product id is recorded in the Content section.

Product Item ID

To create a segmented list of customers who purchased a specific product:

  1. In the List Manager, in the left pane, click Create, and then click Create segmented list from all contacts.

  2. On the segment page, in the General information section, enter a name and a description for the segment.

  3. In the List Segments section, click the arrow and, from the list, click Create new segment.

  4. In the Create segment dialog box, enter a name and description for the segment. If you want to use the segment as a filter in the reports you generate with Experience Analytics, select the Use as analytics check box.

  5. In the Segmentation section, click the plus (+) sign and, for the new rule, click Edit rule to specify the conditions that you want to segment your included contacts by.

    Segmentation rule.
  6. In the Create rule dialog box, in the Contact section, click where the contact has purchased product with ID specific value and, in the Edit rule box, click specific value to enter the item name (for example, 6042061) and click OK.

    Create Contact segmentation rule.
  7. When you have finished setting up the conditions and rules, click OK.

  8. In the Create segment dialog box, click Save, to save your segment.

  9. On the ribbon menu, click Save.

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