Personalizing a storefront page based on inventory

Current version: 10.2

Personalization rules allow you to deliver content that is relevant to a customer visiting your web store. Your storefront responds to personalization rules in real time by showing specific content, by hiding content, or by adjusting the behavior of a component. You can create personalization rules based on many different criteria including goals, campaigns, products purchased, and so on. The following personalization rules are specific to the storefront:

Personalization Rule


Based on the content of the cart

<where> the quantity of all products in user's cart <compares to><specific value>

Where the quantity of all products in the user's cart is equal to 10

<where> the user's cart total <compares to> <specific value>

Except where the user's cart total is less than 2

<where> the quantity of product <product id> in user's cart <compares to> <specific value>

And where the quantity of product 56042326 in the user's cart is equal to 1

Based on inventory

<Current> product has stock count <compares to> <specific stock count>

Current product has stock count that is less than or equal to 50

<Current> product has stock status <compares to> <Status>

Current product has a stock status that is equal to Back orderable

Product with ID <specific product id> has stock count <compares to> <specific stock count>

Product with ID 6042891 has stock count that is equal to 250


Inventory status can be Back orderable, In Stock, Out of stock, or Pre-Orderable. Valid comparison values include Is equal to, Is not equal to, and Is in list. For further technical details, see Inventory domain model.

For example, you can personalize the storefront page based on an inventory rule that examines the inventory count and hides the Add to cart button when there are no items in the inventory, as shown in the following figure.

Add to cart button hidden on live storefront site

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