Promotion approval process

Current version: 10.2

By default, promotions are subject to an approval process. Only approved promotions are applied and published on the storefront.

To create promotions, you must be assigned the Promotioner or Promotioner Manageruser role.

To approve or reject promotions, or to extend the end-date of an active promotion, you must be assigned the Promotioner Manager role.

The status of a promotion changes as the promotion progresses through the approval process. For example:

  1. Before you submit the promotion to the workflow, the promotion status is Draft.

  2. After you request approval of a promotion, the promotion status is ReadyForApproval.

  3. After you reject a promotion, the promotion status returns to Draft status, allowing the promotioner to make changes to the promotion.

  4. After you approve a promotion, the promotion status is Approved.

The following diagram illustrates the promotion approval process:

Workflow diagram showing the promotion approval process.

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