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Localize properties of a Commerce entity


How to add a localized version of a Commerce entity property value so that it displays in a different language.

The Business Tools allow you to add localized versions of Commerce properties so that their values displays in a different language. By default, a subset of the Habitat_Master catalog, sellable item, and promotion entities properties are localizable. Business Tools views that contain localizable properties display the Localizes a property option, represented by a globe icon located in the view header.

The following shows an example of the globe icon in the Details view header, in the sample Habitat_Master catalog which contains localizable properties:

In the Business Tools, the Details view of the Habitat_Master catalog.

To localize a Commerce entity property, for example the Habitat_Master catalog Display Name property:

  1. On the Sitecore Launchpad, in the Commerce section, click Business Tools, and then click Merchandising. The Merchandising dashboard is displayed.

  2. On the Merchandising dashboard, in the Catalogs section, click the name of a catalog, for example Habitat_Master. The Catalog summary page opens.

  3. In the Details view header, click Localizes a property (represented by the globe icon), and, in the drop-down list, click Display Name, and then click the check mark to confirm.


    If the entity version is in the published status (where published is set to true), you must create a new entity version so that you can make changes.

  4. In the Localize Property dialog box, in the Localized Value field for the appropriate language, enter the localized value. In the following example, the value of the property Display Name is localized to display the string in French:

    The Localize Property dialog box and it's properties.
  5. Click the check mark to save your changes.

    The localized property displays in French when you chose that language in the Business Tools language selector, for example:

    An example of a localized property value in the language selected.