Personalization based on historical behavior


Personalize content based on a contact's historical behavior

The Contact Behavior Profile contains information about a contact's past profile matches. This includes information such as profiles, profile cards and personas matched.

Unlike the Experience Profile, which contains information about a contact's current session, the Contact Behavior Profile queries the Experience Database (xDB) for information about a contact's historical behavior. This enables you to provide the contact with relevant, personalized content based on a broader understanding of their past interactions with your organization.


When you run Experience Management in CMS-only mode and have Xdb.Enabled set to false, the Contact Behavior Profile does not work and no data is saved to any shared sessions in the xDB.

In the Marketing Control Panel, you can control how long an individual profile or pattern card is relevant to the Contact Behavior Profile by setting the decay rate. The decay rate is a percentage that expresses how relevant the profile will remain over time.


Using rules from the Rule Set Editor, you can implement rules based on the values in a contact's Contact Behavior Profile to show personalized content based on past profile matches instead of the current profile matches. This enables you to provide more relevant information to a contact over the course of their lifetime experiences with your organization.