Walkthrough: Analyzing campaign efficiency


Use the Campaign Creator and xAnalytics to identify trends in traffic and contact engagement.

Sitecore Experience Analytics provides dashboards and reports for marketers and marketing analysts to identify patterns and trends in experience data. This data is collected from websites and other external data sources.

You can use the Campaign Creator to view, filter, and search for specific campaign activities. Once you have selected an individual campaign activity, you can click on a link in the Campaign Creator to go directly to Sitecore Experience Analytics (xAnalytics).

xAnalytics provides you with dashboards and reports that provide you with information about how an individual campaign activity is performing. You can then compare how that campaign activity is performing with other activities within the campaign group, or across your website.

For example, a marketer would use xAnalytics to find out which campaigns provide the highest contact engagement value levels. They would use this data to analyze campaign efficiency, seeing which campaigns provide the highest engagement values per visit. The campaign manager would also compare incoming campaign traffic across channels, showing which channels are the most effective at bringing contacts to campaigns.

This walkthrough outlines how to:

Use the Campaign Creator to find the campaign activity you want to analyze.

  1. In the Sitecore Launchpad, open the Campaign Creator.

  2. On the All Campaigns page, under Campaign classification filters, open a drop-down menu to find and select a filter that you want to apply to the campaign activities.

  3. Click the Show Campaigns button to apply your filter settings. You can find all the campaigns that match your filter criteria in the Campaigns found section.

  4. In the Campaigns found section, click the relevant campaign activity. Then, to open xAnalytics, in the campaign activity panel, under Campaign execution, click Go to Experience Analytics.


In the Experience Analytics dashboard, click the Acquisition tab and then click the Campaigns subtab. This opens up the Campaigns Overview report. In the Campaigns Overview report, you can view charts and graphs which show you which campaigns have brought the highest number of visits to your website.

You can also view data on which campaigns have the highest engagement values per visit.

In the following example, the campaigns are providing similar engagement value levels in terms of value per visit, though the Facebook Goal Messages and the Twitter Goal Messages have more visits than the other campaigns have.

campaigns and groups by visit

In the Experience Analytics dashboard, in the Acquisitions tab, in the Campaigns subtab, you can view the Campaign Detail report. This is a table list located at the bottom of the Campaigns Overview report.

The Campaign Detail report provides you with the following information:

Campaign detail column



The total number of visits to the campaign.

Value per visit

The average engagement value per visit to the campaign.

Average duration

The average length of a contact's visit to your website.

Bounce rate

The bounce rate.

Conversion rate

The goal conversion rate for visitors to the campaign.

Page views per visit

The average number of pages that contacts visited.

In the following example, you can see that Twitter Goal Messages have the highest number of visits overall. Facebook Goal Messages and Facebook Content Messages, however, have higher goal conversion rates despite having fewer visits overall.


In the Experience Analytics dashboard, in the Acquisitions tab, click the Channels subtab to view the Channels Overview report.


The Channels overview provides the following reports:

Report name


Online and offline by visits

The total number of online and offline interactions that contacts had with your website.

Channels by visit

The top performing online and offline channels by number of visits.

Channels by value

The online and offline channels which provided the highest contact engagement value levels.

Channels by value per visit

The most effective online and offline channels by contact engagement value generated per visit.

In this example, you can see that Google Ads receives the highest traffic, and provides the most engagement value per visit.

In the Channels subtab, click Online to view the Online Overview report about incoming traffic coming exclusively from online channels.


You can see, for example, in the Online by value and Online by Conversions reports, that the engagement values and number of goal conversions vary from day to day.

The Online by visits and value per visits report shows, however, that the value per visits level remained reasonably constant despite fluctuations in traffic levels.