Configure pattern matching

Current version: 9.0

Pattern cards are cards that you create to reflect the behavior and interests of specific types of contacts to your website. You assign profile values to pattern cards, then use them to identify different types of typical website activity. You can also use pattern cards to implement personalization rules.

Sitecore uses a measurement called N-Dimensional Euclidean Distance to calculate which pattern card a contact’s accumulated profile value most closely resembles and should therefore be mapped to.

When you configure the pattern matching feature, you must specify how many profiled content items a contact must interact with before Sitecore maps their accumulated profile score to a pattern card.

To configure pattern matching:

  1. Navigate to Sitecore build number\App_Config\Sitecore and open the Sitecore.Analytics.Tracking.config file for your website.

  2. In the configuration/sitecore/settings section, add the following line:

    <setting name="Analytics.Patterns.MinimalProfileScoreCount" value="3"/>

    This means that Sitecore starts to map a contact's behavior to a pattern card when they have requested more than three pages.

  3. Change the value to what you think is a suitable number of page requests.

    The value you use should be based on your understanding of your website, its size, and the number of pages that you assign profile values to.

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