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Convert an item into an item bucket


An item bucket is a container that you can use to manage innumerable items.

Item buckets let you manage large numbers of items in the content tree. An item bucket is a container that you can use to hide innumerable items and still easily retrieve and work with these items. The only way to find bucket items is to use the Sitecore search engine.

You can convert any item into an item bucket, whether it is a new item or an existing item.

When you convert an item into an item bucket, the item bucket organizes and hides all its subitems if they are bucketable items or based on a template that is bucketable. When you convert an item that contains many subitems into an item bucket, it can take a long time to organize the items. A progress bar appears and displays a running tally of the items that are being processed. During bucketing, you can cancel the process before it is complete.


On a standard PC, organizing 1000 items into an item bucket takes approximately 5-10 minutes.

This topic outlines how to:

To convert an item into an item bucket:

  1. In the Content Editor, click the item that you want to convert into an item bucket.

  2. On the Home tab, click Edit to lock the item.

  3. Click the Configure tab, and then in the Buckets group, click Bucket to convert the item into an item bucket.

    The Bucket button on the Configure tab


    If the process of making an item bucketable fails, you can synchronize the item bucket and the process picks up where it left off.

    To see which items are item buckets in the Content Editor, you can right-click the Quick Action Bar to the left of the content tree and select Item Buckets to display an icon appears next to each item bucket in the content tree. In addition, if you expand an item bucket in the content tree, you can see a visible cue that the item is an item bucket. If the items in an item bucket are hidden, a small notification tells you that there are hidden items in the container.

    The Item Buckets icon in the Content Editor

You can always revert the item bucket back into a regular item – even after you have added items to the item bucket.

To revert an item bucket into a regular item:

  1. In the Content Editor, navigate to the item bucket that you want to revert into a regular item.

  2. On the Configure tab, in the Buckets group, click Revert. If you have many subitems in the item bucket, this may take some time.

    The item bucket reverts to a regular item, and all its subitems are displayed as regular items and they maintain the parent-child relationship with their ancestors and descendants.


If you delete an item bucket, all the items in the bucket, whether they are hidden or visible, are deleted as well. To restore a deleted item bucket and its items, you select the item bucket in the Sitecore Recycle Bin and click Restore.