Marketing Automation

Current version: 9.0

Marketing Automation provides you with a new way to create automated online campaigns in Sitecore. With a user-friendly drag-and-drop interface, Marketing Automation provides a set of tools that enables you to:

  • Enroll contacts in automation campaigns.

  • Evaluate contacts based on defined rules.

  • Perform various marketing actions for individual contacts.

A marketing automation campaign is a plan that lets you determine how your brand interacts with your contacts depending on their activities. You can use marketing automation campaigns to nurture the relationships with your contacts by adapting your communication according to the content, channels, and media that are relevant and appropriate for each individual interaction.

When you create an automation campaign, you create a system whereby a particular part of a certain contact's online activity is subject to a set of rules and conditions that determine when specific actions or activities are performed for these contacts.

You can initiate marketing actions for contacts based on a wide variety of data, for example, demographics, contact attributes such as device detection or list membership, or online behaviors such as campaign or goal triggers. You can collect all the information about how a contact moves through an automated campaign and use it to drive personalized online experiences for the contact and build more detailed contact profiles.

Planning an automation campaign

Before you can create an automation campaign, you must ensure that all of the elements that you need to make the plan are in place. This could include specific pages, graphical elements, behavior profiles, email campaigns, and so on. You must also have a logical scenario that you want to implement.

Once you have all the elements in place, you can design an automation campaign that implements your scenario and seamlessly makes specific actions take place when contacts meet the conditions you specify.

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