The structure elements

Current version: 9.0

The Sitecore Forms application groups the elements to help structure your forms in the Structure section of the Form elements pane.


Use the Section element to divide the form into sections.





Field name

Name of the element. Always use meaningful names for the Field name. The Field name is the actual Item name for the Sitecore definition item for the form field.


CSS class

Define the CSS class of the field.


If you want to create a long form with multiple sections, you can use the Page element to create a form that contains multiple pages and make it more user-friendly.

The Page element has only one setting: the name of the element.

Submit button

Use the submit button for navigation (previous and next buttons), to submit the form, and/or to trigger submit actions. You can add different types of actions to all submit buttons. For example, the submit action Save data added to the next button makes sure the data is saved to your database when a contact clicks Next to move on to the next page of the form.






Name the button. For example: Continue/Next, Previous, Submit.

Field name

Name of the element.

Navigation step

Determines what happens after clicking the Submit button. The options are Submit, Previous, or Next.


CSS class

Defines the CSS class of the field.

Submit actions

Delete the submit action

Deletes a submit action.

Modify the submit action

Opens a submit action for modification.

Move the submit action one step up

Moves the submit action one step up in the list.

Move the submit action one step down

Moves the submit action one step down in the list.

Add a submit action

Click Add (+) to add one of the following submit actions:

Trigger Goal – selects a preset goal.

Trigger Campaign Activity – selects a preset campaign activity.

Trigger Outcome – selects an outcome type.

Send Email Campaign message - select the email campaign message that should be sent when the button is clicked.

Redirect to Page – redirects the visitor to a web page.

Save Data – saves the form data to the database.


If you add more than one submit action, the order is important. For example, if you place a redirect action before a save action, the form data may not be saved.

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