Troubleshooting: Word fields

Current version: 9.0

When you use Internet Explorer 8, the first time you access a Word field in Sitecore, you receive an error that tells you that your security settings do not allow you to run ActiveX controls on the page. This error occurs because you need to configure your security settings for Internet Explorer.

The Internet Explorer error message

If you use Internet Explorer 8 for editing in Sitecore and want to edit your content in Microsoft Word, you must configure your Internet options to support Word fields in Sitecore.


To configure Internet Explorer 8 to support Word fields in Sitecore:

  1. Ensure that you have only one instance of Internet Explorer open.

  2. In Internet Explorer, click Tools (ALT+T), and then click Internet Options.

  3. In the Internet Options dialog box, on the Security tab, select Trusted Sites, and in the Security level for this zone section, click Custom level.

  4. In the Security Settings – Trusted Sites Zone dialog box, in the Settings section, scroll down to the ActiveX controls and plug-ins node.

  5. In the Automatic prompting for ActiveX controls section, click Enable.

  6. Click OK to save your changes.

  7. When you access a Word field in Sitecore, you are prompted to install an ActiveX component.

  8. Click Install to install the component.

When the component is installed, you can edit the field in Microsoft Word.


After you have installed the ActiveX component, you should consider changing the security settings back to the original settings.

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