Engagement value points

Current version: 9.1

You assign engagement value points to score specific contact actions and behaviors, such as achieving a goal or triggering a page event. These engagement value points reflect the business value and level of commitment that you associate with a particular contact action. The actual numerical value is less important than the relative value you assign to the event. Engagement value points accumulate across single and multiple contact sessions.

For example, submitting your email address when you register for a newsletter shows a low level of commitment. Requesting a demo shows a higher level of engagement and trust and this contact action should therefore receive higher engagement value points than registering for a newsletter.

Using engagement value points

Engagement value points make it easier for you to measure relative contact engagement across your website. You can use engagement value points to

  • Create and implement personalization rules for contacts

  • Create marketing automation campaigns that evaluate the number of engagement value points that a contact has achieved to determine what action should be taken

  • View longer term trends in Experience Analytics, so you can see how effective campaigns are at generating contact engagement

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