Storefront components and the Experience Editor


Introduction to the Toolbox and the Experience Editor.

When you build and design your storefront, there are two main tools that you use: the Content Editor and the Experience Editor. You access both from the Sitecore Launchpad.

The Experience Editor is an interface that allows you to easily change the look and feel as well as the content of the storefront using the tools and commands available on the ribbon as well as the rendering components available in the Toolbox. You can edit all the items that are visible on the page (text, graphics, logos, links, and so on) in the Experience Editor.


When working in the Experience Editor, it is important to know that:

  • Most forms cannot be submitted, for example, Login and Registration. When you work in the Experience Editor, you are logged in as a Sitecore user and it does not make sense to authenticate or register. This also applies to editing the address and profile information.

  • It is not possible to add products to the shopping cart.

  • It is not possible to place an order or navigate the checkout using the regular buttons. You must manually select the items that represent the pages in the checkout process from the Experience Editor breadcrumb.

  • Renderings are always visible so you can select and edit them. An example is the Message Summary, which is not visible on the live storefront when it is empty.

  • Catalog renderings show actual catalog data when the context is valid and they show placeholder data when the context is not valid.

When you are working in the Experience Editor, you can edit data directly on the page.