Commerce Home page

Current version: 9.3

The Storefront site template by default includes a Commerce Home page.

Commerce Home page as seen in the Experience Editor.

The Commerce Home page contains the following renderings:

  1. Rich-Text rendering (Experience Editor/Toolbox/Page Content).

  2. Commerce Search Results rendering (Experience Editor/Toolbox/Commerce Catalog). This rendering is used twice on the Home page using different search scopes and search signatures:

    • On Sale Televisions uses the On sale televisions search scope

    • Mira Laptops uses the Mira laptops scope

  3. Load More rendering (Experience Editor/Toolbox/Search).


The Commerce Home page uses the Default Commerce Header and Default Commerce Footer (highlighted at the top and bottom of the page).

The following shows the default Commerce Home page displayed on the live storefront.

Commerce Home page as seen on the live storefront site.

For all the individual renderings on the page to be considered together as one result when searched, all of the renderings must use the same search results signature so that they are bound together. If, for example, the bottom half of the search results page showed similar products, you would use a second different search signature to bind all the renderings on the bottom half of the page. The search scope defines which products are included in the scope.

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