Commerce Search Results page

Current version: 9.3

The Storefront site template, by default, includes a Commerce Search Results page.

The Commerce Search Results page.

The Commerce Search Results page contains the following renderings:

  1. Aggregated Facet Filter rendering (Experience Editor/Toolbox/Search) with the Commerce rendering variant that contains the individual facets (brand, manufacturer, type of goods).

  2. Sort Results rendering (Experience Editor/Toolbox/Search).

  3. Facet Summary rendering (Experience Editor/Toolbox/Search). This rendering is hidden on the live storefront site unless a shopper selects a filter.

  4. Results Count rendering (Experience Editor/Toolbox/Search).

  5. Commerce Search Results rendering (Experience Editor/Toolbox/Commerce Catalog).


    This is a versatile rendering that can have many different uses. With the Storefront site template, this rendering is used, by default, on the category page, the related products page, the promoted products page (on the home page), as well as on the Search Results page.

  6. Load More rendering (Experience Editor/Toolbox/Search).

The following is an example of a Search Results page displayed on the live storefront.

Search Results page on the live storefront.

You can create and configure a sort order for a list of products and add your own sort criteria. You can also customize the stock status labels and other elements of the rendering template.

For all the individual renderings on the page to be considered together as one result when searched, all of the renderings must use the same search results signature so that they are bound together. For example, the Commerce Home page provided with the Storefront site template has two search areas (On Sale Televisions and Mira Laptops) and each one uses its own search results signature to bind the individual renderings in the search area together.


You can control the number of items displayed using the style sheet so that the container automatically determines how many products can be displayed given the defined width.

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