Work with a product bundle

Current version: 9.3

A bundle represents sellable items grouped to form a distinct product. You manage a bundle in a similar way to how you work with a non-bundled sellable item. 


You assign the price of a static bundle at the bundle level. You can assign a fixed price or a price card to a static bundle. You assign a bundle price the same way as you do for a non-bundled sellable item

Create a bundle

You can create a bundle in a catalog, category, or subcategory. 


If you disassociate a bundle from its parent container, and it is not associated with any other, it still exists and can be found by using Search on the Merchandising dashboard.

To create a bundle:

  1. On the Sitecore Launchpad, in the Commerce section, click Business Tools and then click Merchandising.

  2. On the Merchandising dashboard, click the relevant catalog.


    You can create a sellable item directly within the catalog you select or you can create it within a category or a subcategory.  To create a bundle in a category or subcategory, in the Categories section of the catalog, click the category where you want to add the bundle.

  3. In the Sellable Items section, in the drop-down menu, click Add bundle.

  4. In the Add Bundle dialog box, in the Bundle Type drop-down list, click the type of bundle required. For example, to create a static bundle, click Static

  5. To save your selection, click the check mark.

  6. In the Add Bundle dialog box, enter a product ID, name, and display name. The other information is optional.


    A bundle must contained at least one item.  You cannot publish an empty bundle (a bundle without associated sellable items) to a storefront.

Add a sellable item to a static bundle

A bundle must have at least one sellable item associated to it.

To add an item to a static bundle:

  1. In the Merchandising dashboard, click the relevant catalog, category, or subcategory and then, in the Sellable item section, click the relevant bundle.

  2. In the Sellable Items section, click the bundle name to open the bundle details page.

  3. In the bundles details page, in the Sellable Items section, click Associate.

  4. In the Associate Sellable Item dialog box, in the Sellable Item field, enter the product ID, the name, or the display name of the item you want to add, and then click the check mark.


    A bundle cannot contain a mix of physical and digital sellable items. It should contain only physical sellable items, or digital sellable items, not both.

  5. In the Quantity field, specify the number of this item required in the bundle.

Repeat this procedure for each item that you want to add to the bundle.  

Make a bundle purchasable after deleting one of its items 

When you delete a sellable item that is associated with a static bundle, the bundle can no longer be  purchased. In the bundle details page, a blue banner located at the top of the page displays: The sellable item is not purchasable.

You might want to make the bundle available again for purchase without the deleted item.

To make the bundle available again:

  1. In the Merchandising dashboard, click the relevant catalog, category, or subcategory and then, in the Sellable item section, click the relevant bundle. 

  2. In the bundle details page, in the Details section, in the drop-down list, click Make purchasable.

  3. In the Make purchasable dialog box, click the check mark to save your change.

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