Work with price books

Current version: 9.3

A price book is a container for one or more price cards. The lists of price books and catalogs are shown in alphabetical order.


These tasks can be performed by a user with either the Pricer or Pricer Manager role assigned.

Search for a price book or price cards

The Business Tools search feature allows you to search for price books or price cards using the Pricing dashboard. You can use any of the following price book or price card properties as your search term: name, description, or display name.

To search for a price book or price card:

  1. In Business Tools, click Pricing.

  2. In the Search section, in the Term field, enter the term you want to search for.


    The search uses the term provided indistinctly to find matching price cards or price books.

  3. Optionally, in the Filter field, enter another order property value to refine your search.

  4. Press Enter to initiate the search. The results include any matching price books and price cards.

Create a price book

  1. In the Price Books section of the Pricing dashboard, click +.

  2. In the Add window, enter a name. The display name, description, and currency ID set are optional.

Associate a catalog with a price book

A price book can be associated with multiple catalogs, but a catalog can only be associated with one price book. If a catalog is already associated with a price book, you can associate that catalog with a different price book, but the catalog will be automatically disassociated from the first price book.

To associate a catalog with a price book.

  1. In the Catalogs section of the price book details page, click Associate.

  2. In the Associate Catalog window, select the catalog name from the drop-down list.

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