Create and configure a new Path Analyzer map


Learn to create a Path Analyzer map based on a default map type and configure the map for one type of visits.

This procedure describes how to create a new Path Analyzer map based on one of the default map types in the Marketing Control Panel, and then configure the map to include only a specific type of visits.

To create a new map:

  1. In the content tree, in the Marketing Control Panel, expand the Path Analyzer node.

  2. Expand the Maps node, then click Default Maps. Expand the Global Maps node, then select the folder for the type of map that you want to create.

  3. After you have selected a folder, on the Home tab, in the Insert group, click the map type you want to create, for example, Goal map. In the Message dialog box, enter a name for the map, then click OK.

    The Message dialog box where you enter a name for your new map
  4. In the right pane, on the Content tab, in the Options section, click the Target Goal/Asset/Campaign/Outcome/Channel field. This opens up a content tree directory. Click the item you want to associate with the new map.

    Select an item to associate with your new map


    Not all maps have the Option section available to associate an item with a map.

  5. On the Content tab, in the Scope section, click Edit Rule to open the Rule Set Editor. In the Rule Set Editor dialog box, select the rule you want to associate with your experience map. Once you have configured the actions and conditions for the rule, click OK. In this example, the Click Email Link goal is being associated with the new map.

    The Create rule dialog box
  6. To deploy the new map, on the Review tab, in the Workflow group, click Deploy and then click Save.


    You deploy new maps using a workflow process. Once you have deployed a new map, it enters a system queue within the xDB. The system processes new maps once every 24 hours, so if you have multiple new maps, you should deploy them simultaneously using the Deploy action within the Workbox. Please consult your Sitecore System Administrator if you do not see the data for your new maps after 24 hours.