Experience Profile

Current version: 9.3

The Experience Profile lets you monitor the behavior of contacts that have interacted with your company or with your website. You can identify current as well as future customers from their very first point of contact, even if they have not provided a name.


  • Sitecore must be preconfigured to use profiles, goals, campaigns, and automation plans before it is possible to experience the full functionality available in the Experience Profile.

The contact

In Sitecore, a contact is somebody that uses one or more devices to interact with a company or organization. The contact is a container that stores information about the behavior of customers and potential customers from the devices they use, their online interactions, such as website visits, goals converted, and campaign pages visited, and can potentially handle offline activities, such as stores visited and purchases made.

In the Sitecore Experience Platform (XP), from starting out as an anonymous visitor to a website, contacts can be used to build up a picture of potential customers. By storing data from a wide variety of sources, it is possible, over time, to build up a detailed picture of how a contact interacts with your organization.

The Experience Profile

The Experience Profile enables you and your sales teams to monitor the key areas of customer experience and interaction, such as visits, campaigns, goals, profiles, automations, outcomes, and keywords. For example, for each contact, you can see at a glance which events and goals they have triggered as well as how many engagement value points they have accumulated on your website.

The Home page of the Experience Profile is a dashboard that lets you find specific contacts. When your website has been running for some time, you may have to search through many contacts.

You can use the Experience Profile to focus on the accumulated experience of a single contact and view the details of all their interactions and experiences with your organization.

In the following example, you can see the contact details for the contact Andrew Baker. You can see which events he has triggered, campaigns visited, visit and engagement value statistics, as well as his best profile pattern matches. This is valuable information for marketers and sales executives.

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