Define sending limits in the Email Experience Manager


Control the number of email messages that can be sent to a contact in any given day, week, or month.

When you design an email marketing campaign, you want to engage the customer with relevant, personal, and timely content. However, if you bombard the customer with countless email messages, they might never be opened. This is why setting reasonable sending limits is important.

Sending limits give you control of the number of email messages that can be sent to a contact in any given day, week, or month, so you should ask yourself:

  • Is this the only email campaign I am sending to this recipient?

  • How important is this particular email campaign?

In the Email Experience Manager, when a regular email campaign is queued, contacts who exceed the defined sending limits are filtered out. Because automated email campaigns do not queue recipients, the Email Experience Manager verifies the sending limits during dispatch and a Sent failed event is created if the limits are exceeded.


EXM uses the server date when verifying if the number of sent email messages to a contact exceeds the sending limits.

To define sending limits in EXM:

  1. On the Sitecore Launchpad, click Email Experience Manager (EXM).

  2. From the Change manager root list in the upper-left corner of the dashboard, select the manager root for which you want to define sending limits.

  3. In the Email Experience Manager panel, click Administrator to expand the menu if required.

  4. Click Contact Send Management and then click Sending limits.

  5. In the Sending limits section, for each limit, define the maximum number of email messages that can be sent to an individual recipient from the current manager root.


    If you set a limit to zero, no email messages are sent. If you leave the sending limit blank, an infinite number of email messages can be sent.



    If there are inconsistencies across the three time periods (that is, per day, per week, per month), the most restrictive rule applies. For example, if a contact can receive four email messages a month but only three email messages per week, they will not be able to receive any more email messages after their third message within the same week.

  6. Click Save.

  7. To enable sending limits, click Activate.