Insert a token in a message


Personalize your email campaign using tokens in the message subject field or the message body.

The Email Experience Manager (EXM) supports tokens that you can use to personalize your email campaign messages. For example, in the beginning of a message, you can use the token $name$ in the greeting so that when you send your email campaign, the token is replaced with the name of the contact.



If the name of the contact is not available, the recipient sees the actual token.

The following tokens are by default available in EXM:

  • $email$

  • $fullname$

  • $firstname$

  • $lastname$

  • $name$

  • $phone$


You can use other information from the contact as a token in EXM.

To insert a token:

  1. Open the relevant email campaign and click the Message tab.

  2. In the Subject field or in the Alternative text field, place the cursor where you want to insert the token.

  3. Click Actions 9FD11352A3F94176BF30C47BFAD620C2.png and then click Insert token.

  4. In the Insert Token dialog box, click the relevant token and click OK.



    If you know the name of the token you can type the token directly in the field, for example, $lastname$. The only way that you can insert a token in the message body is to type the name of the token.

  5. Save your changes.

You can preview every token for a specific recipient:

  1. On the Message tab, in the Details section, click Actions 4430EA385C6E40C48513FE75D5528E5A.png and then click Preview for recipient.

  2. In the Preview the email campaign dialog box, click the recipient that you want to preview the message for and click OK.


The Message tab now displays the message with the appropriate contact values instead of the tokens.