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Current version: 10.3

The Archive component displays blog archives in a tree. It groups blog posts by their entry date using a configurable date format.

To add the Archive component:

  • From the Toolbox, drag the Archive component to the page, and in the Archive toolbar, click More, and click Edit Component Properties to specify the details for the Archive:




    Select the date format used to group your blog posts. If left empty, the year displays in yyyy and the month is written out.

    You can add new date formats here:

    sitecore/System/Settings/Feature/Experience Accelerator/Navigation/Enums/Archive Format

    Name of the field used for date

    Determines the date used to organize the blog posts. Enter the name of the date field in the template of your blog post.

    In the Archive section enter the name of the date field.

    Alternatively, you can use the standard template statistics fields:

    • __Created: The date and time at which the system created the version.

    • __Updated: The date and time at which the system last updated the version.

    • __Publish: The date and time for which your publishing is scheduled.

    Data source

    Click Browse to select a node from the tree or use a query. The archive will display the posts from the selected blog grouped by date. If the selected data source is not a blog, the archive displays the Archive is Empty message.

    If you leave the data source field empty, what the archive displays depends on the location of the page:

    • Under the blog root node - displays grouped posts archive from current blog.

    • Not under the blog root node - displays Archive is empty message.

    Source type

    Select the level to display. You can choose Children, Siblings, or Items using the same template.

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