Add a sticky note

Current version: 1.7

You can add sticky notes to your SXA pages. A sticky note can be convenient when you are working on a website with a group of people so that you can share information on the site. For example, you can remind your co-worker to provide a piece of text or inform everyone that you will change an image later. Sticky notes are not visible when you publish your site.

To view sticky notes, you must select the Sticky Notes check box.

On the View tab select Sticky Notes

To add a sticky note to a page:

  • Click the rendering to which you want to add the sticky note, and on the floating toolbar click Insert a sticky note, and then enter the relevant message.

    Sticky note example

You can change the color of the sticky note, for example, if you want yellow notes for text and red notes for media.

To see the rendering that a note belongs to, click the magnifier, and the rendering is highlighted in the same color as the note.

To minimize or expand the sticky note, use the - and + icons.

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