The Toolbox

Current version: 1.7

Use the SXA Toolbox in the Sitecore Experience Editor to quickly build your webpages by dragging renderings directly to where you need them. There are default renderers available for simple text, images, videos, social media plugins, and so on. To make it easier to find the rendering you need, SXA organizes all renderings in categories, such as Page content, Page structure, Navigation, Forms, and so on. Collapse or expand these rendering categories, so you do not have to scroll through a lengthy list of all the available renderings.

Collapsible categories in the SXA toolbox

To change the structure of the categories, contact your Administrator.

You can find the toolbox in the right panel. If you don't see the toolbox, make sure you selected the Designing and Drag & Drop check boxes on the View tab.

If you work on a touch device, such as tablet or a touch-enabled laptop, by default the Toolbox opens in touch mode. If you work on a touch-enabled laptop but prefer working in desktop mode, you can switch to desktop mode by clicking Desktop version.

Touch mode or Desktop mode switch

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