Cloud development

This section provides documentation for integrations and software development.


Sitecore Content Hub provides flexible integration methods with external systems and for cloud development pipelines in general. This section explains the different building blocks of Sitecore Content Hub.

Internal integration

This section explains how to use custom scripts with different context properties, and how to use specific actions to perform a task. These can be triggered either manually or automatically, through triggers. Sitecore Content Hub also integrates external libraries.

External integration

This section explains how to use Sitecore Content Hub to integrate third-party APIs and SDKs to improve developer usability. It gives a basic presentation of what APIs and SDKs are, and goes on to an in-depth explanation of the specific APIs and SDKs available in Sitecore Content Hub.

Integration tools

This section provides documentation regarding the integration tools needed by Sitecore Content Hub to provide the integration utilities necessary for all the scripts, triggers, APIs, SDKs, and connectors to external platforms. These rely on a command-line interface for communicating with the various Sitecore Content Hub instances, and a package import/export feature for migrating structural changes.

Development lifecycle

In this section, users are taken through the various development components, the different possible development lifecycle scenarios as well as the best methods to migrate changes between instances in a multi-sandbox environment.


This section provides a set of practices and guidelines to mitigate the risk of a security breach.

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