Migrate changes between instances

Sitecore Content Hub offers various methods for importing and exporting information between different instances, depending on the type of information you need to transfer.

Migrate assets and metadata

You can migrate your data using either of the following methods:


To migrate both the relevant assets and their metadata, use a combination of the two methods.

Migrate structural changes

Content Hub offers an import/export package feature that lets you migrate your structural changes between instances. The package itself is a .zip file containing JSON files that are organized by category. After importing a package, the imported changes take effect immediately and become available for other users. The imported configuration overwrites the existing configuration.

You can also import or export packages using the CLI. This tool is especially useful for automating package deployments as part of a continuous integration pipeline.

Migrate extensions

External page component entities are included in the import or export package, under the Portal pages directory. All the configuration, code, and UI files of the external component are included in the JavaScript bundle.


Currently, Content Hub doesn't support automatically importing or exporting actions. Use the Excel import or export feature instead.

Migrate cloud components

Logic apps and Azure functions are Azure cloud services, and are therefore managed in the Azure platform. For more information about the continuous integration of Azure functions and logic apps, please consult the relevant Microsoft documentation.

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