In Sitecore Content Hub, actions are components that perform a specific task. You can trigger them manually or use a trigger or APIs to run actions automatically. You can also trigger them individually or in bulk.

Bulk execution

In the single execution mode, every action is executed on one specific target (often an entity). If there are five targets that need to be processed by the action, then the action needs to be executed five times, one time for each target. For example, if a mass edit triggers the action, then the action will execute for all affected items at once, instead of once for each item.

See also Custom entity operations.


You can view a reporting channel for actions, on the Auditing tab.

You can choose which columns to display by clicking Columns iconColumns and selecting the desired columns. You can also sort the actions using any of the column names.

  • To reverse the sort direction, click Reverse sort direction.

  • After you've made your selections, to refresh the table, click Refresh.

You can download the audit logs by clicking Download and selecting a date interval. This generates a download order that you can download immediately or share via email.

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