Platform Administration and Architecture

Pre-built topologies

The Sitecore Installation Framework (SIF) and the Sitecore Azure Toolkit ship with a number of pre-built topology configurations. You can configure and deploy your own topology to meet your scaling needs.

For small implementations, including local environments such as developer workstations and testing environments, the platform can be installed on a single computer. This topology configuration is known as XP Single. For larger implementations, the platform can be vertically and horizontally scaled to suit your scaling requirements. A fully vertically scaled topology configuration is known as XP Scaled.

The following table lists all pre-built topologies available for each framework alongside their counterparts:

Topologies in Azure

Refer to the Sitecore on Azure documentation for a full list of available topologies.Sitecore configurations and topology for AzureSitecore configurations and topology for Azure

Topologies on-premise

Refer to the installation guide for your particular release of the platform for a full list of topologies.


If is up to you to choose how you want to distribute your SQL databases on-premise - see database scaling for recommendations.

The following diagram illustrates a simplified XP Single topology:


The following diagram illustrates a simplified XP Scaled topology: