Hardware and software requirements

Current version: 9.0

Refer to the installation guide for software requirements for your particular version of the platform. Installation guides are bundled with each release of the platform.

Visit the compatibility section of the Knowledge Base for more information about platform compatibility with add-on services and third-party technologies such as Solr.

Read the Email Experience Manager (EXM) Performance White Paper to learn more about the EXM operating abilities, its baseline performance under large scale deployments, and possible bottlenecks. The white paper focuses on Content Management, EXM Dispatch, and Content Delivery.

Read the Experience Commerce Performance White Paper to learn more about the Experience Commerce performance baseline based on a standard large scale deployment from Azure Sitecore Marketplace. The white paper focuses on Content Delivery, Shops, and Analytics.

Refer to the Sizing reference for a Sitecore Azure environment documentation to choose the right infrastructure for your Sitecore site. This documentation covers upfront analysis, testing during development, and refinement during production.

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