Scaling and configuring Core roles

Current version: 9.0

Core roles are instances of the core Sitecore application with certain features enabled or disabled. In a developer environment, a single combined instance that performs all roles. In a fully scaled deployment, a dedicated instance performs each role. The Core roles group includes both Experience Platform (for example, xDB Processing) and Experience Manager (for example, Content Delivery) roles.

Core roles share the following in common:

Options for scaling Core roles

Options for scaling Core roles include:

  • Dedicating a server or app service to a particular role. Production environments must have at least one dedicated Content Delivery instance.

  • Combining roles. For example, you might choose to combine Content Management, xDB Processing, and xDB Reporting if none of those roles are experiencing heavy load. Refer to individual Core role pages for information about which combinations are supported.

  • Setting up multiple instances. For example, you might set up multiple Content Delivery servers behind a load balancer or set up multiple xDB Processing instances to process tasks from the Processing Pool database.

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