Sitecore Discover

Access the latest documentation for Sitecore Discover to create search experiences that amplify customer conversions with hyper-relevant search results and AI-driven, automated merchandising.

Manage access to your DXP products

Create users and manage their access to all your Sitecore DXP products.

Pages and widgets

Learn about promotional landing pages and the widgets you use to create search and recommendation experiences

Create merchandising experiences

Configure search, recommendation, and content personalization widgets to drive conversion and revenue.

Monitor the performance of your e-commerce websites or apps

View analytics and reports to gain insights into the performance of your e-commerce websites, apps, and merchandising strategies.

Get started

Learn about what to expect when on-boarding with Sitecore Discover and how to get started integrating Discover experiences with e-commerce websites or apps.

Pick an integration method

Review the various integration options we provide and choose the best method for your implementation scenario.

Rapidly integrate your React application

Install and use Discover JS SDK and customizable widget templates to quickly build applications.

Use REST APIs to integrate with e-commerce websites or apps

Explore the REST APIs that let you track events and deliver search results and recommendations to shoppers.