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Access the portal for the first time


Describes how to accept an invitation to a Sitecore Cloud Portal organization.

To gain access to a Sitecore Cloud Portal organization, a team member with an Organization Admin or Organization Owner role must invite you to join their organization. After they invite you, you'll receive an email invitation.


You must accept the invitation to join the organization within 7 days or the invitation will expire and you'll need to be invited again.

To join a Sitecore Cloud Portal organization:

  1. Open the email from and click Accept invitation.

  2. On the sign-up page, enter a valid password for your account, then click Continue.

  3. In the Complete your profile dialog box, enter your first and last name, then click Continue.

  4. On the Sitecore Terms and Conditions page, read the terms and conditions. If you accept the terms and conditions, click Accept.