Sitecore Cloud Portal terminology


An organization is a collection of related team members and Sitecore products. An organization can have one or more Sitecore products, with multiple instances of each product.

An enterprise company or a solution partner might have multiple organizations, while a smaller company might have one organization.

Each organization uses a set of rules to determine who can access each product and what work they can do.

When a Sitecore Cloud Portal organization is created, Sitecore sends an email invitation to the assigned organization owner. This team member has the Organization Owner role, which means they can invite other team members to the organization.

Team member

A team member is anyone that is a part of the organization. A team member's organization role and app roles determine the apps they can open and the work they can perform. For information about the different types of team members, see roles.

A team member can be part of multiple organizations and have different roles in each organization or app.


An app is an instance of a Sitecore product. For example, a company might have three XM Cloud apps in its organization: one for development, staging, and production.

The organization of a Sitecore solution partner might contain multiple apps of XM Cloud for each of its customers.

By default, an Organization User does not have access to any apps in the organization. If a person has an Organization User role, you can control their access to different apps by assigning app roles. People with an Organization Admin or Organization Owner role automatically have the highest role in all apps.


Roles determine which apps and features of each app, a team member can use. There are two types of roles in the Sitecore Cloud Portal: organization roles and app roles.

  • Organization role - determines if you can invite others to the organization, assign roles, and perform other admin tasks. People with the Organization Owner or Organization Admin role automatically have an admin role in all apps in the organization.

  • App roles - determine which apps a team member can access and their role in each app. Each Sitecore product has a unique set of app roles.

You can manage the role of a team member when you invite them to your organization and from the Team members page.

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