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Getting started with Sitecore Search


Provides information to help you integrate your business website or application with Sitecore Search.

You must perform a few onboarding tasks before you can use the Customer Engagement Console (CEC), the Search and Recommendation API, and the Events API to integrate your website or mobile application with Sitecore Search.

When you onboard with Sitecore Search, a Sitecore Search integration specialist will create your domain according to your subscription agreement. The integration specialist also configures Sitecore Search for your specific needs. During that process, there are some tasks that integration specialists perform and some other tasks that you must complete. The following overviews the onboarding tasks in the sequence they usually occur and shows a typical process.


The following represents a typical onboarding experience. Depending on your subscription's features and specific integration scenario, you might require additional steps. A Sitecore representative will guide you through the process specific to your Search implementation.

The following table summarizes the activities that you and Sitecore personnel perform to set up your access to the Search Customer Engagement Console (CEC):



Provide Sitecore with a list of your Search users.

Creates user accounts and sends invitations to log in to the CEC.

Accept the invitation, complete your user profile, and log in to CEC.


The following table summarizes the activities that you and Sitecore Search integration specialist personnel perform to get your content crawled and indexed by Sitecore Search:



Configure a source

Configures content attributes and Search service features.


In some cases, a Sitecore integration specialist will configure sources for you. For this, make sure that you do the following:

  • Give your Sitecore integration specialist a sitemap URL.

  • Ensure the attributes you want are in the metadata of all pages you want Sitecore Search to crawl.