Introduction to Sitecore Search

Sitecore Search is an AI-driven, headless content discovery platform that lets you create predictive and personalized search experiences across multiple content sources. The platform provides generic connectors that you configure to extract and index your content.

The Customer Engagement Console (CEC) is the workbench that allows you to interact with the Sitecore Search system to configure your Search domain and manage all aspects of your Search implementation. You use the CEC to manage your content sources, optimize search results, run A/B tests, and view and share rich analytic reports about the performance of your Search solution.

To deliver personalized search and recommendation experiences, Search anonymously tracks visitor interactions on your websites. The Search AI system collects and uses this tracking data to learn about visitor behavior, and deliver personalized, targeted search results.

Unify content search and discovery experiences

  • Source content from different locations like websites, databases, and other repositories and consolidate content across these sources it into a single search index.

  • Combine different types of searchable content such as HTML pages, PDF files, or Word documents, each with its own set of categories, attributes, languages, and tagging.

  • Customize how content is matched, sorted, and promoted to match your specific business needs.

Drive visitor engagement with personalization

Be agile, responsive, and predictive

  • Use the multiuser CEC to respond quickly to insights from testing and analytics.

  • Integrate search search preview and full page search experiences into your website with APIs and prebuilt components.

  • Integrate Did you mean suggestions to gracefully handle no result searches.

  • Instantly present AI-assisted personalized, predictive, and type-ahead searches.

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