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Lists REST APIs that Sitecore Search exposes, including their URLs and the methods they support.

Use the following endpoints to create search experiences and track events with Sitecore Search.

You must authenticate all requests you send to a Sitecore Search API.

You can use the PUT and POST methods to call the authentication endpoint,

Use the Search and Recommendation API to create great search experiences for your customers. You can get search results, filter, sort, personalize, and suggest content.

You can use the GET and POST methods to call the Search and Recommendation API endpoint,<domain_id>

To see your domain ID, go to the Developer Resources, API Access section of the Customer Engagement Console (CEC).

Use the Events API to capture and report on visitor actions or other events on your website or mobile app. Events are one of the important signals used by the AI core of Sitecore Search.

You can use the POST method to call the Events API endpoint,<ckey>/v4/publish

The ckey is your customer key, a combination of your Account ID and your Domain ID in this format: <accountID>-<domainID>.

For example, if your account ID is 17595242 and your domain ID is 15987155, your ckey is 17595242-159871551. To view your customer key go to Developer Resources, API Access in the CEC.