Privacy, security, and data governance in Sitecore


Understand more about Sitecore GDPR and CCPA compliance and privacy measures.

Sitecore is committed to the transparency and privacy-first philosophy of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and the California Consumer Protection Act (CCPA). In compliance with laws about data protection and customer privacy, Sitecore has made information available in the following areas:

On the Sitecore Documentation site - the Privacy guide section covers the following:

  • Privacy checklist

  • Personal data in Sitecore

  • Securing personal data

  • Supporting data subject rights

In the Sitecore Knowledge Base - the Sitecore General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) compliance article, covers the following areas:

  • Building an accountable privacy team

  • Transparency

  • Notice and choice

  • Organizational measures

  • Technical measures

At the Sitecore Trust Center - you can find information about:

  • Policies

  • Security

  • Terms of use

  • Your privacy rights

  • Data governance

  • Supplier code of conduct

  • Sitecore trademarks

  • Resources that include whitepapers for GDPR and CCPA as well as FAQs about security and compliance efforts at Sitecore