ARM templates for Sitecore Managed Cloud


Learn more about the Sitecore ARM templates necessary for your deployment.

A Sitecore Azure Resource Manager (ARM) template is part of the toolkit that you use to deploy a new Sitecore environment to Azure App Service.

To figure out the requirements for your website, refer to the Sitecore XP 9.1 ARM templates topologies and tiers tables on the Sitecore Knowledge Base. The tables describe what is included in a Sitecore ARM template, specifically the performance rating of the various Azure resource types that make up your website, in relation to the different sizes available for each of the following topologies:

  • Sitecore Experience Management (XM)

  • Sitecore Experience Platform (XP)

  • Sitecore Experience Database (xDB)

The Sitecore Azure Quickstart templates are available on GitHub and further Azure Resource Manager information is available under Azure Resource Manager Documentation on the Microsoft Azure website.