Orders overview

Current version: 10.0

With Sitecore Experience Commerce (XC), the life cycle of an order starts with a successful checkout, which triggers the create order process. The Commerce Engine then begins the post-order capture process, which, in the normal course of events, results in a completed order.

The create order process

The checkout process captures all the information that the Commerce Engine requires to create the order (for example, customer-related information, date of purchase, currency used, tax information, shipping details, and so on). The create order process starts with a successful checkout. During the create order process, pipelines perform a series of actions resulting in the creation of a pending order.

The following diagram provides an overview of the create order process flow:

The pending order, which is the output of the Create order process, is the starting point of the post-order capture process.

The post-order capture process

The post-order capture process begins with a pending order (the output of the create order process). During the post-order capture process, order minions move the orders through their various status and perform predefined business functions (determined by order pipelines), until the order reaches the completed status.

The following diagram provides an overview of how the Commerce Engine processes an order, from pending to completed status:

Orders entity and components

The Orders plugin (Sitecore.Commerce.Plugin.Orders) defines the following entities and components.







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